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About AgriFinance

Having worked in pensions and finance for the past fifteen years, I am taking my experience and knowledge across to set up AgriFinance.  
My Company

AgriFinance is a complete one-stop consultancy, which provides advice and assistance to farmers, directors and PAYE workers who have made that all important decision to financially secure a future!  

Financial Advice

Finance, whether you are a farmer looking to secure a future for your farm, or a director seeking the best exit-strategy, or you are simply an employee enquiring about pension options, AgriFinance provides honest and straightforward financial advice. 

My Background
Small Plant

I am a farmer; I work extensively with farmers and my expertise involves investment planning products, including income protection and pension products. Hands-on knowledge of the agricultural sector means that I truly appreciate the intricacies of succession planning for farmers. However, I am also fully aware that each situation requires different advice. 

Our Products
Financial Report

Have a look at the various products we provide and call us now for a free (no obligation) consultation.   

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