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AgriFinance provides honest and straightforward financial advice.

Have a look at the various products we provide and call us now for a free (no obligation) consultation.   
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Life Policy and Protection Plans  

AgriFinance explain and simplify life policy and protection products. Many people avoid dealing with these issues because the area is a minefield. There are many different types of products, and we can advise on which products are suitable for you and your present situation. We drill down through the relevant aspects of each one for you and/your family, explaining the cost in a straightforward way. We advise and recommend; we help you through the process of application and we are there to help after the life policy product you have chosen is in place. We make sure that the life cover you opt for is the right plan for you and your loved ones, so that your financial future is always protected in the event of illness or death.  


What are investment products and how do they secure our future? Planning and investment options are quite confusing and similarly to life policy products, there are a wide range of options to navigate. Finding the right mix of suitable funds in today’s market, and at the same time incorporating an acceptable level of risk is challenging. At AgriFinance we identify funds which will meet your specific needs based on risk profile. We explain and breakdown each product detail in a simple and understandable way, ensuring that there will be no confusion for you the customer.  

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The great news is that as a nation, we are living longer! We must make sure that we have the financial wherewithal to cover these extra years. Everyone is aware of the irony; pension planning is the furthest thing from a young person’s mind. However, starting a pension at an early age has never been more important. With great tax incentives available to accommodate your product choice, now is the right time to call AgriFinance and secure your future. Straightforward advice and a simple understanding of pension products means that whichever plan you choose will be the right one for you.  

Succession Planning  

For farmers, this is an unavoidable task! Securing the future for your children and your farm avoids many expensive headaches later! At AgriFinance, our advisors have a unique combination of financial and agricultural experience, having worked in the agricultural sector (and are farmers themselves) as well as having worked extensively in finance. Taxation advice when it comes to succession planning is critical and we partner with tax experts who can assess the most advantageous product for you and your farm.   

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